Ghost Imbiss

Ghost Imbiss is a trio with radio artists Anna Friz and Jeff Kolar. Our first collaboration was presented @ ∏-node in the context of CTM Festival in Berlin.


∏-node is an experimental platform for hybrid Web/FM radiophonic composition. ∏-node is a multi-dimensional radio infrastructure platform that experiments the narrative, participative and imaginary possibilities of Radio through the use of both historic and new, digital technologies. 
The interconnectedness of these various dimensions, tools and networks allow for the establishment of a decentralized and hitherto unseen diffusion structure, where each of the network's nodes serve to both receive and diffuse information. Such a structure creates a break with the classic one-way Radio format, substituting it with a horizontal peer-to-peer model that creates room to play with new potentials for multi-diffusion and superposition, as well as room to rethink the Radio network's topology.
∏-node aims to explore the many dimensions of the Radio format and of radio diffusion: its physicality (ether, radio waves, and the electromagnetic spectrum), its spatiality (bandwith, frequencies), its infrastructure (network of radio receivers/emitters), its methods of creation and editorial content management (programming boards/teams, recording studios), its methods of metadata reception (RDS/SDR), its history (radio libres and pirate radio movements, ...), its legislation, and most importantly, ∏-node also wishes to examine Radio's future role at a time when everything is moved towards "the All Digital".
Each node is a sound transmitter / receiver that can be used in different ways depending on the program:  webradio on fm broadcasting
micro local fm radio
pirate box streaming
microphone streaming
network data sonification