Révélatrices : radio modulators

Through my residency at DAIMON, I was looking at ways to sense the invisible electric movements happening around us. I built several circuits, some using inductors, antennas, solar panels, ATtiny85, CMOS, op amps...This research led me to realize that radios were the best sensors for what I was trying to do. So I taped radios to my feet and walked around the Filature building. The radios were sensitive but not very versatile, being dependent on the time of the day, weather conditions etc to function at their best. So I went back to the radio modulators circuits, figuring all I needed was to work from what was already there. My synthesizer broke and I wasn't even sad or angry about it. I felt very liberated to realize that all I need to make sound and perform is use radios as sound sources. I built a few radio modulators, which turn AM radio as well as other bands (SW, MB...) into a sound source to be modulated by my circuits. These circuits work with proximity, either by being very close to the radios or actually connected through antennas and alligator clips.

The need for proximity is the reason we invented electricity and developed ever-faster communication systems to connect with each other. One modulator circuit may be connected to different radios, which may be tuned in different frequencies, producing different textures beating at the same heart rate.