as presented at Pedestrian Exquisite Service, Transmodern Festival, Baltimore, april 2009

Fil(s) is a sound performance using a modular, one-of-a-kind wearable outfit as the instrument (in french language, fil stands for electrical wire, thread/string, and has a rather fragile, organic connotation). Small sonic modules (circuit-bent toys & handmade electronics), sewn recycled materials, as well as conductive thread make a soft, body-scaled, playful instrument. 
Modules include but are not limited to:
- Mask/mic and megaphone/effects system
- Speech joystick glitch
- Drumkid
- Various open circuits played directly by touching them (public participation encouraged !)
- Recording birthday cards used as intuitive samplers.

I have a hard time thinking that electronics' miniaturization and mobility make them less awkward to use in public contexts. Instead, I like to make their influence in social interactions visible (if not exagerated) and use them as the center of a common playground as opposed to a private space maker (i'm thinking iPods and cellphones). Expect boxes secured by recycled belts and the such, open circuits directly sewn to the outfit, and, as the title suggests, wires, cables, velcros, fabrics...
All of this will be amplified using a solar-powered amp bag. I will also encourage people to plug into my costume and play music from their portable players.