Mouth feedback // Feedback de bouche

After experimenting for 8 years, the term mouth feedback appeared to describe well the practice of playing with the mouth space to generate and alterate tones. It's soft feedback singing or as it most often happens, vocalizing.

Devices that have been used for mouth feedback :

- lots of contact mics ! experimentations with bone conduction throught the teeth (Mouthphone), sound diffusions throught the cheeks (one piezo element mounted as a speaker inside the cheeck, one on the outside mounted as a speaker.


- a circuit-bent power ranger that became Oscar. This has been the most interesting device, it looks ridiculous to play it and hold the toy's head inside the mouth but it generates surprising electronic clarinet-like feedbacks. Subtle changes in the inside shape of the mouth creates a variety of tones spanning over two octaves. Guttural throat sounds add to the sonic texture.


- electret microphones are also interesting to use as they are so compact. a good combination has been to plug an open mic into the Casio Rapman (also known as Realistic Rap Master).