Emilie Mouchous & Andrea-Jane Cornell - Noctambulismes

Noctambulismes - pièce radiophonique - 29'17 - february 2011

Noctambulism occurs in the deepest phase of sleep. Sitting up in bed, the unseeing eyes on the noctambulists expressionless face open, as the sleeper arises from the place of rest, to unconsciously navigate the physical environment. Dreams are not believed to occur when in this slow wave sleep phase, consciousness relaxes its firm grip, and the sleeper is suspended in the void of the unknown nothing.

Noctambulismes is an episodic aural excursion through the nocturnal expanse of the somnambulist plane. Noctambulismes refer to the nodes in a string of dream-like sequences stitched together by the audible hiss of “silence”. The noctambulist is swept back and forth between the ebb and flow of ocean waves, lulled by lilting bells and chimes, thrust into unfamiliar metaphysical environments. There is a forward movement to the piece, but it is hesitant, as it is uncertain, whether the next sequence will result in rest or great perturbation, as noctambulists are prone to experiencing night terrors.

The piece was available to download on the Brunel Electronic and Analog Music (BEAM) Festival's website in june 2011, inviting travelers from London, UK to enjoy on their train ride to BEAM.